Main Products

We research, develop and supply various types of rubber formulations optimized for customer needs.

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Ethylene propylene rubber
Characteristics: Aging resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to polar liquids, good electrical properties
Main Use : Wire sheathing, automobile weather strip, steam hose, conveyor belt, etc.


Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
Characteristics: Oil resistance, abrasion resistance, good aging resistance
Main Use: Oil-resistant products such as oil seals, gaskets, oil-resistant hoses, conveyor belts, printing rolls, and textile top rolls

Chloroprene Rubber
Characteristics: Weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and aging resistance are averagely excellent
Main Use: Wire sheathing, conveyor belt, anti-vibration rubber, window frame rubber, adhesive, rubber tarpaulin and general industrial goods


Styrene Butadiene Rubber
Characteristics: Better abrasion resistance and aging resistance than natural rubber, cheaper price
Main Use: Industrial goods and general rubber products such as automobile tires, automobile parts, shoes, rubber tarpaulins, sports goods, and belts

Butadiene Rubber
Features : Transparent rubber, excellent abrasion resistance, bending resistance, cold resistance
Main Use: Tires, shoes, golf balls, etc.


Natural Rubber
Characteristics: Good tactile feel among all rubbers Excellent mechanical properties
Main Use : Car tires, industrial truck tires, shoes, hoses, belts, air springs, general and industrial goods, etc.

Other Products

Acrylic Elastomers (ACM, ANM)
Features: Good oil resistance at high temperatures, wear resistance
Main Use: Automotive transmission, crankshaft related packing and seal, etc.

Butyl rubber (Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber; IIR)
Characteristics: Weather resistance, ozone resistance, good gas permeability
Main Uses: Tubes for automobile tires, curing bags, looping, wire sheathing, window frame rubber, steam hoses, conveyor belts, etc.

Color rubber
Flooring materials for construction, floor coverings for vehicles