Set For Tomorrow, Seoul Fine Tech
준비된 기업. 서울화인테크
Set For Tomorrow, Seoul Fine Tech
준비된 기업. 서울화인테크


Seoul Fine Tech
We are a ready company

Set for Tomorrow

We provide all the products and services you want through constant R&D and quality control. We, Seoul Fine Tech, are partners for the future of both customers and employees.


Seoul Fine Tech
trust with customers
think first

Reliable Company

We, Seoul Finetech, are a partner that accurately identifies customer needs and shares the future of both customers and employees in order to keep our promise. is.



Since its establishment in 1988, Seoul Finetech has been providing various rubber compounding (CMB) products for a long time. Through large-scale facility investment in the early 2000s, it has continued its business of producing and supplying various industrial rubber products including domestic automobile parts. We have accumulated rubber compounding technology. Experienced in a wide range of manufacturing technologies, including advanced fine chemical materials, Recently, we have expanded the scope of our business and are currently working on a new construction-related business. The core of management we have learned so far Trust and customer first. Provide products and services that meet customer needs in a timely manner, and minimize customer inconvenience. Thinking of it as a job, the role of a partner that goes beyond a simple supplier and does business together is what Seoul Finetech is aiming for. It is the core value of a trusted company. Seoul Finetech, a prepared company, will always be on the customer’s side for coexistence. thank you

경영 방침

영업 신뢰

Reliable Sales

고객과의 파트너쉽을 중시하고,
정직, 정확한 영업/구매 관리를 통해
투명한 경영을 목표로 합니다.

제품 신뢰

Reliable Products


우리의 제품과 서비스는
고객이 언제나 믿고
쓸 수 있어야 합니다.

노사 신뢰

Reliable Members


회사는 안정된 근로 여건을 갖추고,
직원은 올바른 근무를 제공하며,
굳건한 팀워크를 만들어 갑니다.



quality policy
we are picky through quality control Best products and service provide.
business policy
We are trusted To become a company We do our best.
We Eco-friendly system By introducing We take the lead in protecting the environment.
social contribution
We Based on trust to the community contributing To become a company I'm trying.
We Optimized products and service I promise.
We automate via the system reduce errors efficiently produce.


걸어온 길

History of SFT

고객과의 약속을 최우선으로 여기며
묵묵하게 걸어온 서울화인테크의
발자취 입니다.

  • Construction division established
  • Acquired IATF-16949: 2016 certification
  • Completion of integrated computer system construction
  • SFiTer(ERP 전사적 자원 관리 시스템) 구축
  • SFiToc(그룹웨어 시스템) 구축
  • Establishment of CMB Corporate Research Institute
  • Completion of CMB new factory expansion
  • Established Fine Chemicals Division
  • Groundbreaking for CMB new factory expansion
  • Changed company name to Seoul Finetech Co., Ltd.
  • Yuseung Trading merged with Fine Material Industry
  • Established Yuseung Trading