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Organization Chart


Corporate Identity

To express the honesty and reliability pursued by Seoul Finetech, the initials are placed in a Sans-Serif font that does not change in thickness from beginning to end, and it is slightly slanted to add sophistication. In addition, due to the nature of the manufacturing industry, each part, which is divided in labor, was produced to show a mechanical feeling in a modern yet architectural form through a composition that looks at one direction. The ratio of the frame containing the letters is a combination of two traditionally loved numbers at a ratio of 7:3.
A medium-thickness high body selected through a survey of all employees was used.


Red is a very important color in Asian cultures, symbolizing prosperity, blessings, good fortune, and longevity.
Among the various red spectrums, the red color used by Seoul Finetech has a deep light that is bright and strong, yet not light.

Pantone 186C

C : 100 M: 100 Y : 80 K : 5


R : 255 G : 255 B : 255

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