Production Facilities
Production Facilities

Production Facilities

Production facilities optimized for the production of mixed rubber requiring high capacity/high dispersion
All manufacturing processes from the raw material input stage to the packaging and shipping stage are managed by the MES (production management system),
It realizes efficient production and quality control that meets the needs of customers through automation facilities and various inspection equipment.

production management system
History management of the entire process (from raw material warehousing to product release) through the MES (production management system),
We are realizing systematic management of real-time inventory check, work orders, and response to defects.

Manufacturing Process

CMB Product Manufacturing Process

FMB Product Manufacturing Process

Production Facility

Specifications of Major Production Facilities

Banbury Mixer
CMB & FMB Mixing
270L X 2 Sets, 4 Wings (Twin screws), KOBELCO(JAPAN)
Banbury Mixer
CMB & FMB Mixing
160L / 75L, 2 Wings (Twin screws)
FMB Mixing
125L, Pressurized type
TSR (Twin Screw Roller Head Extruder)
Blending & Sheeting
TSR-330 / 160 / 125 4-sets
Blending & Sheeting
26″ X 84″, 24″ X 72″, 22″ X 60″ 7-sets
Polymer Weighing System
rubber measurement
Hoists + Cutters + Weighing Conveyors
Carbon Loading & Weighing System
Carbon handling
HPLS Pneumatic conveying + 14 Silos + Weighers
Oil Tanks & Weighing System
Oil handling
4 Main Tanks + Weighers + Injection system
Chemical Weighing System
Chemical handling
On-line Auto weighing & Charging
Chemical Weighing System
a small measurement of a chemical
Stacker & Turn table type 2-sets
BOM (Batch Off Machine)
Cooling, drying
Fixed bar type 4-sets, Belt type 1-set
Packer Stacker
Sheet Automatic Load
Wigwag & Flip Flap 3-sets
Bag Packing System
20kg/30kg Packaging
Weighing & Laminating
Labeling & Palletizing
Automatic Seamming & Banding
Articulated Robot HH020 Hi5 ROBOT
Articulated Robot HS220 Hi5 ROBOT
6″ Cold feeder, Pellet Extruder
SFiTes Screen Control Kiosk
MES field screen
SFiTes Scanner & PDA
MES scanner & PDA