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ESG Declaration

Seoul Fine Tech fully acknowledges its responsibility for the environment, society, and governance as part of sustainable management.
We declare the following principles through this statement and pledge to practice them, leading the way in sustainable growth and contributing to a fairer society.

Environment Environment

Seoul Fine Tech prioritizes environmental protection and continuously strives to minimize the impact of our business activities. We will fulfill our responsibility to climate change through the adoption of green technologies and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Pursue a sustainable business model by improving the efficiency of resource use.

Social Social

Seoul Fine Tech interacts fairly with all stakeholders and constantly strives to fulfill its social responsibilities. We honor diversity and inclusion, and strive to provide services and products that exceed the expectations of our customers and society. Create positive impact by contributing corporate resources to community and social issues.

Governance Governance

Seoul Fine Tech will always provide trust to our stakeholders based on the principles of transparency and ethics. Establish an independent and effective board of directors that actively participates in the company’s strategy and risk management. We will take appropriate actions to protect the rights and interests of our shareholders and ensure the long-term growth of the company. This declaration affirms that Seoul Fine Tech respects the value of sustainable business management and is committed to practicing it. We incorporate these principles into our daily work to shape a sustainable future, and in doing so, we are determined to walk a successful journey with our stakeholders.

ESG Human Rights Management

Seoul Fine Tech respects the basic and inviolable human rights of all individuals. All employees have the right to be treated equally, and discrimination or any form of harassment will not be tolerated.

ESG Ethical Management

Seoul Fine Tech is a company that adheres to the principles and standards of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and strives to implement them. With a foundation of corruption prevention and transparent management, we pursue sustainable development.

ESG Quality Management

Seoul Fine Tech produces industrial uncured rubber products, providing the best products and services through rigorous quality management.

ESG Environmental Management

Seoul Fine Tech believes that environmental management plays a crucial role in the company’s sustainability and social responsibility. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and preserving the Earth’s environment through eco-friendly management for sustainable development.

ESG Contributions

Seoul Fine Tech aims to practice social contribution as a core principle of sustainable management. We commit to creating a positive social impact through collaborative efforts with the local community and will continuously strive for sustainable development.

ESG Human Rights Management

1 | Respect for human rights

Seoul Fine Tech respects the basic and inviolable human rights of all individuals. All employees have the right to be treated equally, and discrimination or any form of harassment will not be tolerated.

2 | Diversity and Inclusion

Seoul Fine Tech respects and embraces diversity of all kinds. Employees with different experiences, backgrounds, and beliefs come together to create a dynamic and creative environment.

3 | Safe and healthy environment

Seoul Fine Tech is constantly striving to provide a safe and healthy work environment. The physical and mental well-being of our employees is our top priority.

4 | Training and development

Seoul Fine Tech provides continuous training and development programs to enhance the skills and capabilities of our employees. This allows employees to contribute to their personal growth and the success of the company.

5 | Respect human rights with customers and business partners

We respect human rights in all our relationships with our customers and business partners and insist on doing business ethically.

6 | Social Responsibility

We recognize our responsibilities in the local and international communities and will take the lead in sustainable management and social contributions.

7 | Transparency and communication

Transparency and effective communication are among our core values. Open communication is always encouraged between employees, between departments, and between the company and its stakeholders.

8 | Continuous Improvement

Seoul Fine Tech is committed to strengthening human rights management through continuous improvement. We actively listen to feedback and improve our systems and policies to create a better experience.

ESG Ethical Management

Seoul Fine Tech is a company that complies with and strives to realize the principles and standards of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and pursues sustainable development based on anti-corruption and transparent management.

1 | Anti-corruption and transparent management

1.1 Seoul Fine Tech prevents corruption in all business activities and implements a zero tolerance policy for corrupt behavior.
1.2 All employees have an obligation to promptly report situations involving corruption, and we will establish and maintain a reporting system (Works_’Whistleblower’) for this purpose.
1.3 We promote transparency by practicing transparent and honest management and effectively communicating important information to all stakeholders.

2 | Ethical Business Conduct

2.1 Seoul Fine Tech upholds ethical principles in all business activities and provides continuous education and training for this purpose.
2.2 Adhere to the principles of honest and fair trade, and strive to develop a market economy through fair competition.
2.3 In interactions with stakeholders, treat all parties with respect and based on good faith and trust.

3 | Strengthen corporate governance

3.1 Establish an objective and transparent corporate governance framework and actively communicate it to shareholders and stakeholders.
3.2 Pursue sustainable management by balancing the interests of the company with those of its stakeholders.
3.3 The Board of Directors and management are accountable for the results of the Company’s ESG policies and practices and are committed to transparent communication.

Complaint Handling Process

ESG Quality Management

1 | The Importance of Quality Management and Quality Management Systems (IATF-16949)

Seoul Fine Tech produces industrial non-curing rubber products and provides the best products and services through rigorous quality control. Our automotive quality management system IATF-16949 certification recognizes the highest standards of quality for non-cured rubber products. We continuously improve the quality of our products and services, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and pursuing sustainable management.

2 | Ensure customer satisfaction and safety

Seoul Fine Tech always strives to provide the best quality to our customers. We aim for continuous quality improvement to ensure the safety of our products and services, and to meet the needs of our customers.

3 | Environmentally friendly production and material choices

Seoul Fine Tech wants to fulfill its environmental responsibility. We provide environmentally friendly products through eco-friendly production methods and the selection of renewable materials, and are committed to a sustainable ecosystem.

4 | Build a sustainable supply chain

We work with our suppliers to maintain and expand a sustainable supply chain. With transparency and ethical standards in our supply chain, we want to grow with partners who share our vision and values.

5 | Sustainable Innovation and R&D

Seoul Fine Tech conducts continuous R&D activities and introduces innovative technologies and solutions for the development of sustainable products and services. We recognize quality management as a key factor in enhancing our competitiveness through sustainable innovation.

6 | Continuous improvement of quality management

Seoul Fine Tech strives to continuously monitor and improve the effectiveness of quality management. We recognize the importance of every employee’s participation and role in quality management and will activate the quality culture through continuous education and training.

ESG Environmental Management

1 | Recognize the importance of environmental management

Seoul Fine Tech believes that environmental management plays an important role in corporate sustainability and social responsibility.
We are committed to sustainable development, minimizing our environmental impact, and preserving our planet through eco-friendly practices.

2 | Carbon Neutrality and Energy Efficiency

Seoul Fine Tech is committed to reducing energy consumption and maximizing the use of renewable energy to realize carbon neutrality.
Efforts are ongoing. We use the
To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we are committed to building and improving an efficient energy management system.

3 | Recycle and save resources

Seoul Fine Tech actively practices recycling and resource conservation to minimize the amount of waste and contribute to the sustainable utilization of resources.
I’m contributing. We separate waste from our production and operations, promote recycling, and use sustainable materials and
We strive to minimize resource consumption through the use of technology.

4 | Environmental Education and Communication

Seoul Fine Tech educates all employees and stakeholders on the importance of environmental protection and provides transparency on environmental management.
We strive to provide. We disclose our environmental performance in a timely manner and engage in ongoing communication with our stakeholders to ensure that our
Share environmental management performance and plans and identify areas for improvement.

5 | Sustainable collaboration and innovation

Seoul Fine Tech recognizes environmental management as a part of sustainable business management, and to improve sustainability, we will continue to implement the
We want to collaborate and innovate. We respond to environmental challenges and adopt new technologies and methods to achieve better environmental performance.
We will continue to invest in research and development to achieve this.

ESG Contributions

1 | Purpose & Values

As one of the core principles of sustainable management, Seoul Fine Tech is committed to social contribution.
We pledge to create a positive social impact through mutual collaboration with the community and constantly strive for sustainable development.

2 | Vision & Slogan

“We are a leader in continuous social progress and contribute to the development of our communities for a sustainable future.”
“Trusted by the people, planet and future we serve”

3 | Community Service

Select a town near your community
Help with regular heating bills

Select families from underserved communities
Support for regular living expenses

Visit a local social service agency
Participate in regular volunteer work

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